10 June, 2009

... around here:
Having loads of fun... surrounded by lots and lots of Love... probably smiling and laughing like a crazy person and quotting, drooling and tearing over:


And we'll get (part of) the time we need and deserve =)

5 thoughts unleashed:

saveyoursoul said...

Izzieeee this sounds happy. YAY

No Limite do Oceano said...

O que interesse é ter o tempo preenchido com o que se gosta :-)


Anonymous said...

A beautiful beach and Little Britain? Interesting combo.. :o) Not sure who the hunk is, though, but I am a huge fan of beaches and the very talented Mr Lucas and Mr Walliams! xx

João Pedro said...

Diverte-te izzie. ;-)


izzie said...

Amanda: Those were happy days... :D

Carlos: Exactamente!!!
Foi com esse sentimento que fui preenchendo estes dias :)

Anna: Girl! I love you more each day! ;)
You don't know the hunk?
Search for Mark Sloan in Google and rejoice! ;D
And long live Little Britain...

João Pedro: Obrigada!

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