17 June, 2009

She couldn't see past all the Darkness - wether in the room or inside her - that night.
Like a Summer fire (born slowly, from an intense heat wave) the mental riot started small, weak and escalated to the porpotion of a Sea of tears.
Like few times before, she found herself confronted with her doubts and fears without being able to stop. Stop questioning everything. As that overcomes the personal doubt. This encounter was made of dreams, feelings, words and memories, with the special twist of surprise.
So she lied there crying, with echos and threads (or are they threats?) of Past days as companions; in a room once full of Love and laughter she could only think of the black tick Darkness around her and the unexpected salty stream in her face.
And as the hours built on top of each other, one small, simple sentence - she almost couldn't recall anymore - stood:

"I'll be yours as long as you are mine."

And for the first time since those words came out from her fingertips, she understood that that was exactly what happened. It all started and ended as the whim it was, by the hands of its creator.
Then, slowly and painfully she was returned to her reality, accepting yet another piece of the (apparently) neverending jigsaw, gave into the bright blackness of the room and fell asleep.

7 thoughts unleashed:

Anonymous said...

Vem ver no nosso Blogue, a entrevista com a Alexandra do Bazar do Ronrons, e sabe a realidade dos gatos em Lisboa.

Ninja! said...

Great text, loved to read it! =)

izzie said...

Esterelização: Obrigada pela visita.
Irei dar uma vista de olhos ao blogue.

Ninja: Thank you very much! =)

Otário said...

Rapariga, bem hajas!
parece que, à medida que por cá passo, este espaço se renova.

é de modos que nunca perde o interesse.

boa semana para esses lados!
depois dos exames que tenho de realizar, voltarei!

João Pedro said...

"I'll be yours as long as you are mine."
Era bom ser sempre assim. Ficava mais fácil para ambos... :-)

Beijinho e bom fim de semana,

saveyoursoul said...

miss you beautiful... hope everything is okay.

izzie said...

Otário: Já tinha saudades da tua presença por aqui, moço!
Obrigada pelos elogios.
É bom saber que vou mantendo o interesse.

João Pedro: Exactamente por não ter sido... por ecoar é que a frase ressaltou na memória.

Amanda: I miss you loads too my darling.
Everything is so-so...

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