23 February, 2010

Back to the books, to the dvds, to the dreams.
Back to the struggling days.
Back to wishing.
Back to doubting myself.
Back to seeing life moving as I watch the calender (you shouldn't have marked a date on it).
Back to trying not to lose a good routine.
Back to writting down on a piece of paper.
Back to trying to believe.
Back to making smile so that I can smile on the reflection.

Back to me when I want to be back to you.
Back for good?...

4 thoughts unleashed:

Anonymous said...

Oh, obrigada. (:

Tive a tentar vesti-lo hoje...Tive que mudar os botoes do casaco. :P
Nao apertava nas bobbies. xD
ainda nem vi a saia, senhores....lol


saveyoursoul said...

Nominating you girly. See my blog.

fata xanta said...

o teu inglês é perfeito! i like it;)

katieleigh said...

I loved this

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