15 October, 2009

I have a firend who keeps on telling me: "I know there's an animal inside you. The exicting, full of lust kind of animal someone will lour out of your cage. You must be amazing when you have no barriers or limits on your mind. And you give in...".
And so I smile, and I blush...

And then, Amanda wrote this on her blog:
"Maybe inside each of us there is a lion, but when we open our mouth to let out our mighty roar, a meow comes out instead..."

Then I wonder... what do I feel like being right now?
And what about you guys? In which cathegiry do you fit in?
- - - - -
Olá?! Sim, tu... sabes aquelas palavras que estás a precisar de ouvir, mas que eu não posso dizer porque não posso largar o mundinho and ask "My kingdom for a train!"?
Vai ali ao conjuntinho de links catitas do lado esquerdo e clica em "Insomnia" (último texto sem título). E então? Só ficam a faltar as três chapadas.

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