23 November, 2009

6 years ago, today.

Right in the middle of the year of my life... I lost you.
The kind of losing that has no return.
I found out what it is to be a void. To have someone missing out on all the things we're about to do with our lives.

I know that... if you were here right now... you'd fight to show me, to make me feel that I'm not such a disapointment. That I'm not disapointing.
But than again... my love... that would have come from the heart. And I can only smile thinking about what mum said the other day: You are just like your grandfather...

That is, that would be an honour. As I can only ask, I can only hope to keep my bright smile, my references, all my pride in those I love... like you did when facing turmoil. Till the last minute.

I miss you grampa.

3 thoughts unleashed:

Eva Gonçalves said...

Isn't it good to have known your grandparents? I miss my english grandma... everyone says I'm just like her also...she was very special, as I'm sure was your grandpa! :) big kiss

katieleigh said...

I still miss my nana as well :(

Maxwell said...

Como eu costumo dizer: Shit happens. Apesar não podemos evitál-a também não a devemos ressentir porque, no final, é a unica coisa que nos resta: memórias; para mim o mais precioso que a Humanidade tem; o mais intemporal dos centúdos e, contudo tão intrinsecamente ligado ao Tempo--

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