12 January, 2010

One day you'll see your effect on me.
One day you'll see this is what we both needed to know.

Because all that great information had to come - out of an unexpected place - with an intented reason. Just when I was begining to doubt.

Night is falling. Remember?...

I can see you. I can feel us.
And you will reply back.
Let it be today.

As, one day... you'll see how impacient I am.

2 thoughts unleashed:

by " A Invisível " said...

Querida Izzie;
só agora reparei, somos do mesmo signo! Engraçado, normalmente tenho grande afinidade com pessoas do signo virgem. Posso saber em que dia fazes anitos?
Beijinho muitooo grande* e aquele abraço apertado*

Gaja com G maiúsculo said...

Obrigada por tudo Izzie, tens sido fantástica!!!
Beijinhos Grandes

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