08 January, 2010

These last few weeks have been soooo full of surprises that... today, on a slower day... I find myself missing them.
We can't be surprised all the time, can we? Or it will lose its special flavour...

But it has been a day full of coincidences like it's the 8th of January ( Parabéns J. e N.) and it's the 8,888th day of my life.
I called my best friend who was holding the phone on her hand to call me.
I got to cheer up a friend that passed most of the last months cheering me up.
And everytime a not so smiley thought comes into my mind I'm albe to shush it away...

So... it may not be a day full of surprises... but I feel that will end up being a good day.

As tomorrow I'm gonna hug my person for the first time in weeks and hold her tight with all my love.
As tomorrow a good friend will board on a trip that can change lifes...
As tomorrow smiles and surprises can happen again.

And what's tomorrow? The day after today, a normal, calm day.

4 thoughts unleashed:

Eva Gonçalves said...

The day isn't over yet... maybe there's still a surprise installed somewhere! If not, well... there's always tomorrows surprises! Or the next day... :)

by "A Invisível " said...

Querida Izzie;
Bom fim-de-semana, com muitas surpresas à mistura! Sim?... :=)
Beijinho grande* e abraço apertado*

Fatucha said...

Que post tão suave...tão cheio de pensamento positivo. Que bom! venham as supresas e q de todas sejam boas!

1/2Kg de Broa said...

Podia uma dessas 'supresas ser ganhar o euromilhões!

Isso é que era! ;)

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