06 April, 2010

Take your attention off the conditions around you and put it on what you want. Whatever you focus on, you attract more of the same.
There is no outcome unattainable for whom has the unquenchable desire.
There is nothing this Universe cannot offer you in your asking and alignment. You are in and of a world fertile with possibilities.
Dancing is infusing a body with spirit and soul. - Esta dedico à Ana e ao Gonçalo ;)

Hemal Radia

Laughter gives us a taste of what everyone wants - happiness. It’s just that simple.
Daniel Gottlieb

With the moonlight to guide you
Feel the joy of being alive
The day that you stop running
Is the day that you arrive
Stop chasing shadows
Just enjoy the ride

- - -
Lembrem-se de pedir objectivamente e com jeitinho.
Lembrem-se do que realmente querem. Não se confudam.
Lembrem-se que nem sempre reconhecemos o girar da roda.
Mas ela dá-se.
Fala a (pouca) experiência...

3 thoughts unleashed:

jb said...

Nice post Izzie..I also miss you. I do hope all is good and you are finding your path to travel on in this great big world.

Lots of love

Mariana marciana said...

Palavras que nos guiam... se nós quisermos e deixarmos ;)

Meio Cheio said...

ninguem nasce com experiencia...ela ganha-se...e é bom que assim seja!
Todos seguimos um ritmo ^^*

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