03 February, 2009

First of all, sorry guys: I haven't got much time to drop by. And, yes, I missed this, missed you all (blogging does grow into an "addiction", a part of us).

So I came here today, full of great intentions, of smiles to share, with an open heart. And with a great song, selected to throw spirits way up high, to make you dance, to make you sing.
But... life is bitter-sweet. As this song was brought to me by a friend that is no longer here - almost as a life theme, as a "Hold on tight, hun. Things aren't over, yet", thing... today I dedicate it to a friend who has shown a "deathwish". But to whom I hand out my hand so he can reach out and grab it.
And not only to my happy, happy, joy, joy spirit of the last couple of days.
- You may kill him/it. You may wish his death. You may think it's over. But it isn't. It's a part of you, of me, of us. It will live as long as I remeber it. And that I can garantee, will last forever.

Right now... I'm thinking of 8 different people who will feel these words differently. Ones 'cause they need them, others beucause they can't believe them and even some who will say "I do! You're it!".

To all of you:
I been sitting in the darkness
But the sunlight's creeping in
Now the ice is slowly melting
In my soul and in my skin
All the good times my friend
Are coming around again
Oh yeah
I been thinking reminiscing
Of better nights and better days
Hiding in a refuge
Of memories I've made
I got a feeling within
It's coming around again
I got someone waiting for me
It's been so long since we met
And I may not be your salvation
but I'll offer nonetheless
And if like me u wanna take that chance
It's coming around again
I can feel a change of fortune
No more riding on my love
Feel the weight is off my shoulders
As my feet become unstuck
And all the good times on which we do depend
Oh it's coming around again

This is how much I love you all! This is what I hope I can share with you. Got it?

Smile along with it, feel it, embrace it. Or, if not able to that (for now) just listen and dance. I'll be here for you. Enjoy!

11 thoughts unleashed:

Hélio said...

I'm one of them... This music... so uplifting, so cool, with so much feeling and balance... a really nice tune! And such truthful lyrics...

With all the Love... my One, my Angel...

izzie said...

You are!... =D

My little nordic angelic kid*

Fatucha said...

Esta canção, é mmo para nos deixar descontraídos, boa escolha e obrigada por a dedicares aos teus amigos! bjs

Miuda Do Armário said...

"We got a damn good reason to put the troubles aside " =D

esta música é um poço de luz num dia um bocado cinzento..

obrigada =D fica bem xD

saveyoursoul said...

What a great post love! Thanks for sharing that!

jb said...

izzie....great song. I love it..it just made my day. I was feeling sad and you lifted me up. It's nice to have you back. I missed your posts. I hope the song helped your freind over come whatever it was that was pulling them in the dark. Hope all is good.


izzie said...

Fatucha: É não ,é? Sabia que ias gostar.
E sim, está dedicada aos amigos (amiga) aos que a merecem e a sentem.

Miúda: A intenção foi essa, pq é o q eu sinto quando me cruzo com ela.
Bigada por teres passado por aqui =D

Amanda: Thanks sweetie!
I love the vibe in it!

Jb: you can't imagine how happy I am to hear that.
?Cause you were also in my mind when I was writting this.

Love you all

Salto-Alto said...

É bem verdade, o blogue torna-se um vício!!

jb said...

izzie...hey girl, where are you. I miss your posts and I miss you visiting me. I know life gets to us all. I just wanted to say, I have been thinking of you, see you soon ok.

Love and Hggs

Tita said...

I do not know if it's for me... (also).. but I felt like it was!

izzie said...

Salto: Tive a um passo da Re-hab!... ;)

Jb: I'm back girl! sorry for this MIA time... Great to see I've been missed.

Tita: Minha tuneira. Of course you are. You are always in my thoughts... as wierd as it may sound!...
I hope the song shed a little bit of light into you.
Adoro te miúda...

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