10 February, 2009

I'm just in the need to scribble.
It was a tough, tiring day.
I smile 'cause I can't seem to be able to stop right now, but I can help but worry.
I seek change and I fear it. I dislike your words but find them truthful.
I dream.
I fear.
I cry.

I just don't know.

All I have to thank for is that my darkness is not that dark anymore. As someone came into my life and mixed a little white in my black.

I'm torn between several worlds. Then I wish I was a little girl, a character from a book, a ladybug, a bit of dust... so that I didn't have to live, choose, cope or grow up.

I just want to curl into myself and escape.

*Gosto de nomes vulgares e perco-me em olhos subejamente conhecidos*
(Só esta frase me faz gargalhar agora, na ânsia de uma cela almofadada só minha)

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jb said...

Oh..izzie you can run but you can't hide. Drop by and read my last post you'll see what I mean. Today I faced all my demons, all the dark corners of my life, of my world of myself.

We are given this life this one chance to make a difference and we believe that another person can do this for us but they cannot it's us all us izzie...that's the real but we live in the unreal because the choice of alone is so surreal.



Sorri para o sol que agora te aponta o horizonte. Lembraste de quando achavas o horinzonte tão feio e distante? Agora está perto e radioso...e eu ganhei! Disse-te que estaria aqui para te dar a mão neste teu "cross over~"..e cá estou eu..e a minha mão não está estendida, mas na tua.

p.s- e a cela almofadada é NOSSA, muito nossa, onde possamos ter canivetes suiços lindos de lâmina afiada, radiadores para estragar os godés em lamés Prada e manuais de "como me perder em olhos subejamente conhecidos" a vermos um programa qualquer cujo titulo será algo tipo "quem quer ser bulimico" ou o "bulimico mais fraco" ou ainda "o bulimico duplo"...

LOVE U* * *


Take me awaaaaaay....taaaaakeee meeee awaaaaaaaay....para uma cela almofadada, almofadada..(lálálálálá)

Já sabes que não ia resitir *my person*

LIKES LIKES u mucho very très (jolie)

izzie said...

Jb: thank you for such kind words.
I'm not that much around lately but I'm going just right over to read your blog.
You've made a difference in mine... and I just hope you know, 'cause it is real, that I'm here to help and try to make the smallest one in your life whenever you need it!

Minha pessoa: Lá está era essa a reacção que procurava ;)
Só tu e as tuas palavras acordam a gargalhada em mim...
You've won this battle, but I'll win the War for you... be sure of that!
Sabes que mais?... Amo-te como só tu sabes e mais não digo porque só nós compreendemos.
Os outros? Que invejem tais mentes, tal criatividade, tamanha ligação...
És minha e a poucos te cedo!


Henry Po said...

this picture really seem to bother me. It makes me so unstable, the dark orange defines near death and black color in itchy style defines disaster. As the sun sets, it formed an eye so lonely. The picture does not reflect any beauty, it provides fear. the water reflects tears and shadows define no harmony. I love the poem though......

izzie said...

Well Henry... not that bothering was what I intended.. but all of you stated was what I was feeling... confusion, fear... that's why I chose it.
As for the "poem"... well this is just me writing about myself... I don't see myself as a poet... but you make me very happy with those words... it's good to know you go through my blog with such care.

Thank you

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