22 November, 2008

Or so I begin to think...
Normally I already think of myself as a wierdo, as a freak (yeah Georginho Miguel...yeah!)... and I only "hide" it in public or when my "hero complex" kicks in... yes, when I feel like I have to save the world one friend at a time.
Maybe 'cause I'm living through them, maybe 'cause through them I get to do things, wouldn't, maybe (can it be?!) 'cause I have "glimpeses" of a nice person, maybe 'cause I believe in karma... well, I just can't name it.
The truth is I find myself helping and listening and believing in others but not in myself actually.
And so, maybe?!, people feel it and look for it... the bottom line is that sometimes I feel like a ice-cream stand... which end is to serve and confort but always ends up empty.

I get it... we have no reason for being a couple... an item. And you getting asway from me was great in order for me to see it. But not as great when it comes to loosing a friend and those moments.

And so... all these days without saying/writting a thing... in a week that brought some news. Or, may I say... some confessions?

To the rest of you guys... I promise the next post will be better, or at least not so psyco-ish. =)

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Don't Be a Slut said...

Izzie_tisha, thanks so much for reading my blog and for your wonderful comments.

Sounds like you're going through a bad relationship period. Hang in there ...

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