25 November, 2008

Just like outside
Winter comes my way too.
Warm mornings of hope,
Followed by freezing nights.

I'm small, little
Seeking the sun-light creeping in.
Insignificant little me,
Waiting on second thoughts.

If only those were your thoughts
about me.
If only the dark would leave me.
I'd be freezing like everyone else.

You think of other when you read it,
I see you in evey line.
Once again I play and wonder.
Be myself in disguise.

2 thoughts unleashed:


If all your mornings are warm and hopeful, you have a reason to smile.
Freezing nights still have the moon to light your face…
So, don’t fade away. Be brave, I’m by your side ;)

Otário said...

Divulga, cola aqui o teu cartão e deixa o teu reflexo suspender no ar!

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