15 May, 2009

Today I remembered you all again.
You, people that worked (can we call work to something we "just" loved?) with me.
Of course I recall the job too...
But today's "exercise" was about remembering you guys, me walking the streets to get to you, me being the first to arrive to the appartment - yes, because, in the end, we worked in an appartment =) - all the smells, knowing you were just right behing me.
Although I felt from moment one that it wouldn't last (call me a pessimist...) I gave myself to you, to the job, to the chores. And I loved it.
I did everything, working as if I was 3 in 1 sometimes... while dreaming. Dreams I've tasted now. But you guys marked me so much I even shared you with my dreams. That's how important you are.
I don't know if your relevance comes from you allowing me to be me while liking me for that; if it comes from me feeling fullfilled, even if as a result of "just" a reunion of vibration and energy.
I just know I miss you all. All of our routines. The laughter and sharing. The feeling like I'm part of something that has a real result by the end of the month. The having some specific streets to walk on and a specific feeling of belonging, a smile even in the "bad" days.
I miss your cleaning rituals, you sleeping without getting caught by the boss. Your smirk, you turning on the radio as you walked in. You being the eldest and trying not to make me feel the youngest. You being the force of Nature and trying to show me I'm somewhat one too. You using looks and clothes to overcome what we all knew. Your smile and me thinking you are me but 6 years older. You trying to let us be happy but working at the same time.

I don't think I missed you all this much in a while... although I do, everyday, since I had to leave.

4 thoughts unleashed:

paula'maria said...

e isso é bom, quando temos outra pessoa a pensar por nós :)
bom fim de semana izzie, um beijo*

Amordemadrugada said...

bom fim de semana kerida
e obrigada

sonhos/pesadelos said...

missing something means that did wonders in our life...
bjs endiabrados

izzie said...

Paula: Quando tal é feito com todo o carinho, como neste caso, sim!
Com certeza! :)

Amordemadrugada: Agora quase no final... mas igualmente, minha querida!
E a melhor das semanas que agora comece :)
Beso muy grande em ti,

Sonhos: In this case it did... and everytime it makes me smile... does! :)
Beijo grande,

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