01 May, 2009

This was the 15th most played song in 1985 in Brazil.
That being said... the truth is that I love it since I can recall myself, it is part of my memmories. Such a sweet voice, makes me wonder off and dream each and every single time.

Oooh and Jb... the singer "accidently" strips down and you can glince at her underweare ;)
I know this was in the 80's and all... but it can still be a treat for you, my Love [kidding! xD]

7 thoughts unleashed:

katieleigh said...

Thanks for the bit of culture/history, I need it. I get bored here in Australia ;)

as velas ardem ate ao fim said...

Feliz 1º de Maio!

E viva a liberdade!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Now I can keep up again... ..Google Translate gets interesting at times! :o)

Time for a game! Tag - you're it! Visit my blog to see what you need to do!


izzie said...

Katie: I wish you were online right now girl...
Sorry for the nonsense facts... but I just didn't know how to start this post... :s

Vela: Obrigada!
Viva mesmo! Encontramos e celebremo-lá!

Anna: I'm there right now! :D

jb said...

izzie..the 80's eh!!!! Fun song and why is she taking her cloths off??...God I miss the 80's and women who just take it off for no reason..hahhaha...this really made my day love.

Lots of love and kisses

Anonymous said...

Belíssima escolha! :)

Que sejas sempre banhada por uma eterna chuva de prata...

Um grande beijinho*

izzie said...

Jb: I don't know why she does that... but when I realised I thought of you my little canadian ;)

Cátia: :)

Obrigada, do fundo do coração!
Beijo grande,

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