09 May, 2009

Maybe this is the trial period, of Darkness, you talk about and that I have to go through in order to get "back", to deserve it and see clearer.
Or maybe I brought it upon myself as a result of me baring on Others' pains.
I guess I'll just have to fight my way back into the Light so that I'm worthy of feeling it again.

For now? I leave you with this, as it has been playing looplessly inside my head... Enjoy!

4 thoughts unleashed:

jb said...

Izzie I'm sending you a huggggggg...can you feel it. As for Judy Garland awesome song and what an amazing life that lady led. What a great song. Please smile today if you can and remember with great sadness comes great happiness. So smile whats the use of crying, you'll find that life is still worth while....take it form Judy she knows.

With Great Love

BM said...

Izzie, dá uma espreitadela no meu blogue...tens lá uma coisinha à tua espera! =)


Anonymous said...

Olá linda

sinta-se a vontade!
gosto de acompanhar blogs
que me chamam atenção
Lindo cantinho o teu


izzie said...

Jb: Thanks for the sweetest words, my darling!
I'll try my best :)

BM: Adorei o desafio.
Responderei mal possa :)

Dançarina: Obrigada minha querida por todos os elogios que aquecem o coração. Também vou manter o seu cantinho debaixo de olho.

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