11 May, 2009

I've been fighting a battle, a struggle, deep down inside, close to the Dark side of me.
Then, I came across Louis. Yes, it is not the first time I shiver inside while reading you. You do know that you write my mind. But today? You have put my fight into words... with the beauty and clarity of a poet.
Maybe... just maybe... this was what I was trying to tell myself in the last post.
Smile at the face of your own fears... the way I see it... even if weak (now) not only will you come out stronger as it will keep you sane. It will make you re-think yourself and breathe deeply.
The "not liking what you find out" part is accessory...

Consume my soul for a little while. Break my heart just a little more. Remove the breath from my lungs and banish the smile from my lips... I beg you.

Someday I’ll try to be strong. Not today. Today is a day to indulge you... my sin. I won’t fight you this time. I’ll give up so you can take over. Do with me as you please, and I’ll smile for you. When the whole world goes to hell, I’ll smile for you. When I choke on the dust while I’m broken on the ground. When you fill my soul with pain and my thoughts with hatred. When you push everyone out of my life and leave me with no one... I'll still smile for you.

You crave to tear my life apart... you want me to die. But I won’t die for you! Stare into my eyes if you dare... and I’ll smile for you.

I do love you... as you make me not afraid of my own mind :)

13 thoughts unleashed:

saveyoursoul said...

I heart you

that is all there is to be said.

Louis said...

I wrote that post for me, I didn’t think someone else would understand. I’m grateful my words mean something to you. Smile when the world tries to break you. Show your fears you can look them in the eye... and smile. You might break and shatter. You might grow weaker than you even knew possible. But you will survive... and you’ll come out smiling!

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic poem!


sonhos/pesadelos said...

"Remove the breath from my lungs and banish the smile from my lips... I beg you." says it all Izzie, belive me, says it all...love your blog sweetie!!!!!!!!!!
bjs endiabrados

izzie said...

Amanda: I LOVE YOU TOO, to the moon and back - and maybe that's not even enough to put it right...
And you know that :)

Louis: I've put all the love and admiration I feel for you in theses words and in the last e-mail I sent you.
'Cause that's the way you make me feel and that's all (although little as you deserve more)!

Anna: Thanks my darling.
It sure is. :)
(Don't worry I haven't forgot the tag!)

Sonhos: I know my darling that you too have been fighting this.
And I'm here if you need me.
I also love your blog... I just feel at "home" reading you, my sweet. :)
Beijo grande,

Amordemadrugada said...

ei babe...
Can you make my soul smile for a while!!??
I'de appreciate that...pleaseeeeeeeee
Beijito em tu, linda

Ninja! said...

That's a great text you got there, loved to read it! =)

izzie said...

Amordemadrugada: I can surely try and do my best for you. You deserve it babe! :)
Beisito muy grande,

Ninja: Oh thabk you very much, kind Sir =)

Tyta said...

:) Izzie... Obrigado pelas tuas palavras...
Passo cá imensas vezes ainda que em silêncio... Encontro-me nelas... E é assim, nas nossas palavras, nas dos outros que nos vamos encontrando a nós mesmos...

Mas como tu dizes... É meio caminho andado, quando sabemos qual o "destino"...

Take good Care... :) ***

izzie said...

Tyta: :) De nada... são todas sentidas e verdadeiras :)
Nada há a agradecer...
Agradeço do fundo do coração que faças deste cantinho também teu... porque é esse o espirito... encontrar-me, encontrando-me também nos outros.
Feel free... this is your place too.
Much Love,***

Anonymous said...

E está tudo dito...

Dizem que amor com amor se paga, mas quando essa moeda de troca se perde nada melhor que retribuir com um sorriso que intimida de tão poderoso que é... ;)

E o teu está carregado de poder e alegria! Mantem-no sempre, mas de vez em quando descansa as boxexas para não doer! eheheheh :p


izzie said...

Cátia: Fazes-me sorrir, um sorriso dos bons, ao ler isto.
Porque, tal como poucos até hoje, leste o meu sorriso como ninguém.
É essa a essência deste texto!
Obrigada, meu doce.

Beijo grande,

Anonymous said...

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