09 December, 2008

Yeah... it looks like it!
My "get in" reads people... apparently I see through people... oh so deeply that I see things that aren't there. One may call it a kind of madness... I call it the ability of thinking too much.
I do think endlessly, specially when I'm connected to the subject. I think about the pros and the cons... I dream, I speculate... and then... I go back to thinking about the cons.
Some people tell me how great I am, others tell me I should react, others that I should get a life. Some others - who I officially love right now - lend me their ears and their shoulders. Ask me questions in order to keep me busy, others deal with me even though I act like a 14 yo girlie - why did I convice myself I should skip that part?... I shouldn't have spent my teenage years with older people... now I end up acting like this.
I wish me, my present and my past were a book... not necessarily an interesting one... that you all could buy; so you'd get me, know it all and I wouldn't have to admit it or confess anything. You'd just, simply, know. And I'd live with it, with the consequences, but without this wieght on my back.
Take my out of this state of mind, free me, show me a light... anything!
I hope you all go to bed tonight and dream of me... so you'll know... me, in the morning.
Till then: I love you, I thank you, I miss you... and I'll try to be a better person.

3 thoughts unleashed:

weevil said...


Fatucha said...

Bem, eu ja nem sei o que comentar, porque...esta entrada é a leitura dos meus sentimentos, principalmente na parte do pensar bastante sobre as coisas sobre tudo, por mais pequeno q seja o assunto, meço sempre tudo muito bem...mas acho que é uma qualidade...

Fatucha said...

outra coisa...gostaria q me enviasses um email,porque esse q usei para o meu blog não é para o mensager e se gostasses adicionavas-me no mensager, pode ser?

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