27 December, 2008

Beatles... my four fab friends... give me a hand!
How can a day... the high point of a "day dreaming" week... be so, but oh so bitter sweet?
Again I say... you're great, but you're not him. Not that the feeling (for him) is the same, but I just think you feel it more than me. You love for us both, you hope for us both, you dream for us both, you expect for us both and you paint me as something I am not.
You make me believe... when I'm not remembering past lives. And I've seen this happen and go down in flames... and I keep telling myself that I won't let it burn to ashes this time.
But then I think, and think, and think again. Why do I do that so much... why can't my mind be an open, pure, all white space?
Then I inquire and dwell on the answers, those happy for me... those who know that I may be pushing in a hope of being (kinda) happy.
I need you: my "lover", my soulmate/my conscience, my get in (although I know you'll think I'll be pulling a "Diana"...lol)... but I just can't tell you all the dark secrets... all my fears.
Once again... I think I'll end up living this one alone... please just don't kick me while I'm down in the end.

- - - - -
Obrigado Hugo... faltaram as palavras-chave... mas eras tu desse lado. E, tudo o resto à parte, tinha saudades tuas (sem segundas intenções). Por momentos, Fevereiro não aconteceu... e percebi, contente, que é um passado que não renego e me fez crescer. Tinha saudades da tua leveza e despretenciosidade. Acho que já posso voltar a ver o "The Bodyguard" com um sorriso nos lábios =)

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Fatucha said...

Que palavras tão profundas em sentimentos, lindo de se ler e ao mesmo tempo inquetante...please don't force yourself to do something you don't will to...

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