15 December, 2008

One day you'll realize what you have missed. And then he'll realize he missed me.
What hurts me the most is that a perfectly nice guy is dellusional and you can't even see it.
Do you know what it takes to listen to a friend talking like that?... And seeing that he won't move away? I've accepted that the moving is not going to be towards me but seeing someone "stuck" like that hurts. Someone with such potential, with so much to give... life really is strange, and sadist and ironic and I wish I could rule the world! If I did things wouldn't be happening this way, that I can asure you!
I'll give you your Xmas present and I just hope I won't regret it and that I'll do it for the best of reasons. I hope this doesn't turn me into a bad person. I couldn't take that.
You almost make me believe you... but I'm sorry to say... that you're not him.
I just hope one day I can sit you down both and lay down all the secrets between us three. And I hope you'll snap out of it soon. 'Cause you're too much of a good person...

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