14 January, 2009

I followed your advice and, as usual, you were dead right on. I love the lyrics, the power in the song... it really means something. More than reflecting me it is maybe the proof that you were capable of caring and seeing through me. For that I thank you.
The blogger world really has its ways and today I love it even a little lot more ;)

Jb you're turning into my music fairy (lol)... for example, I'm currently in love with "Right next to the right one" Celine Dion's music on your blog... and I didn't even know it. You open my eyes everyday, girl! As I'm a easially addicted person... I dare you... don't you stop it now! ;)

I gotta thank you too for finding saveyoursoul... and I gotta thank poeta_poente and Vitor and my "fofo" Imas... that were oh so sweet and caring today. 'Cause today was the end of a trial... that didn't work out ok.

6 thoughts unleashed:

saveyoursoul said...

First things first--this song is my life theme haha.

Secondly -- I LOVE to use music to express things, so if you need a song for a mood, I'm your girl.

Lastly, I will be following now, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot.

saveyoursoul said...

Hello my new found love-

I will be reading to get caught up as soon as I have a free second (I'm in between 3 jobs at the moment haha)) but I wanted to recommend some songs:

Jack Johnson- If I Had Eyes
Walk Away- Christina Augeliara
I'm Gone, I'm Going- Lesley Roy
Storm- Lifehouse

:) Enjoy and talk to you soon

saveyoursoul said...

P. P. S

The start of my blog is something I didn't really talk about..

but its something I felt here

After some therapy, it was time to get healthy, and here's where I did it :)

poeta_poente said...

Anything just to make you smile :)))

Estrela Cadente said...

Ai, ai...esse coração!Belas músicas, por aqui!Beijos.

katieleigh said...

How do I follow your blog? I have a feeling the 'follow blog' option may be in another language :p

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