27 January, 2009

I know, I know... that must be a first around here.
But yes, it is true. This post is about the song, nothing else. A song that has been in my life for almost 6 years, that means so much and, yet, I haven't been able to recognize it... till today.
This morning on the subway, when I was on my way to work, this came up on my MP3 shuffle mode... and I found myself almost dancing in the chair... almost singing it like there is no tomorrow.

Then... as usual in me... I started a list of why is that so:
- 'Cause this song is London '03;
- 'Cause you can't resist the melody, the vibe;
- 'Cause it makes me smile;
- 'Cause Chris can be cute... ;) ;
- 'Cause it just is.

10 thoughts unleashed:

Tita said...

minha coisa linda!
beijo so pa ti!

João said...

This is such a great one!

I love this song, too ;)

Salto-Alto said...

Também gosto muito da música! :)

Castiel said...

O filme da nossa vida era demasiado vazio senao houvesse banda sonora :) *

izzie said...

Tita: meu doce... só tu pa deixares assim tão feliz com o beijo de uma mulher (sem lesbianisses, claro!)...***

João: Danke!... It really has such an energy... =)

Salto: Obrigada! Há que por o pessoal a dançar desse lado, right?...

Castiel (minha crente): Saudadis, muchas! É verdade, tão verdade!

Castiel said...

Oh minha linda saudades mesmo **********

Otário said...

a música é muito bonita. especialmente, porque se ouve. se não se ouvisse, não era música. até aí, um ponto positivo para esta publicação :o

izzie said...

Minha lindi: A esses *********** todos junto um abracinhi muito apertadinhi, okis? ;)

Bem... Sr. Otário... olhe a honra sim? LOL
Ter um ponto positivo teu... upa upa... sobe logo a astral ao dia...
Muito obrigada, sim?!

jb said...

izzie...this song is so good, how can anyone not like it. I just saw them live when they came to this end of the country.

My Ex, can't listen to any Coldplay because it reminds her of me, which makes me sad. Coldplay was the music we both loved and now she can't even listen to them or Radiohead how strange how music can make you feel so much.

I love your taste in music.


izzie said...

Jb: lucky you... I'd love to see them live...

Glad you like it and can find yourself in it... you know that's important to me.


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