16 January, 2009

Today... is just another one of my mixed feelings days...
On the one hand, again I crossed paths with people who understand me, who are "there", who listen, who help... who know me... or try to. People who make me laugh or make me believe there are reasons to do it.
Today I was sure that I can still be charming and face things with a smile. That can confide and be a confider. I can even ask a man to marry me /and that was a first for me!) xD
But on the other hand I was remembered that I can be jealous even of those I love (I love you, I really do... but if it happens... I'll be here stuck alone), that I took a friendship a step too far (I keep on thinking "At least I wouldn't run away in total sickness)... that I live and think and "keep" too much (Again I feel I can't stop giving too much).
But what made me chenge my mood... yet again, was you. All I want to do is scream: "Hey everybody! It's him! There, right there. Amongst the others!"
After not talking for two weeks... I know you came with good intentions... and if it wasn't for the circumstances I'd find it very noble of you. But I can't help but feel that this wasn't the one you should have read... 'cause it helped you. And I don't want to help you, not anymore.
Because it was you, it had always been you - even if you don't want to see it right before your eyes. I'd say the words that would clear it all for good, but what's the use now. You'll accept it when it's time to do so.. And today, when everything was starting to get better... you just came and twist the knife, yet again.

That being said (see C?! After all your blog is a kind of public service... =D)... as I always feel better after doing this... today my smile is a gift from: katie, poeta, "fofo" Imas, Fénix, LuDuo e the ever so present, almofadada get in annunciata...
Tudo o que peço é que o sorriso não se esmoreça amanhã... prometo que vou tentar partilhar a felicidade, se disso for caso.

8 thoughts unleashed:

jb said...

izzie, I love this post and I'm happy that you can still smile and feel like screaming it's a good balance. I see that you have some music that I know on your player.

I also want to say thanks for the kind words, I really apprecite it.


Anonymous said...

Adorei conhecer teu belíssimo blog, tudo aqui é encantador!
Suas postagens são fantásticas!
Não falo nem escrevo em inglês, mas através do tradutor on-line, hoje em dia fica bem mais fácil interagir com outras pessoas de outros paises assim como você.
Li seu texto e gostei muito!
Realmente, o amor às vezes nos deixa pensativa...porém, amar e sonhar são bons! Infelizmente é triste quando amamos incondicionalmente e não somos correspondidas isso é muito triste.
Mas a vida continua...
Tua inspiração é riquíssima de sabedoria e entendimentos.
Deus abençoe tua vida infinitamente!
Beijos repletos de poesias pra ti!
2009 Repletos de saúde, paz, amor e infinitas inspirações!
Voltarei mais vezes..Já te adicionei aos meus favoritos.

Fênix said...

Eu já te disse o que acho da tua escrita mas vou começar a usar o tradutor LOL :)

O sorriso deverá estar sempre presente amiga...


Fatucha said...

Arrebatadora e cheia de sinceridade, assim mmo é que é!!! nunca te arrependas de mostrar cá para fora os teus verdadeiros sentimentos! bjs

Salto-Alto said...

É suposto comentar em português ou em inglês? :)

Versão 1:

Gosto muito do teu blogue e da maneira como mostrar os teus sentimentos e as tuas ideas.

2nd Version:

I really like your blog and the way you write, how you express your feelings and ideias.

Pronto, cobri as 2 hipóteses!


Big kisses!

katieleigh said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate such kind words. And it means so much that I can give you something, a sense of comfort or happiness or anything.

I like reading your blog, I like that you can speak more than one language. I'm so intrigued with the whole speaking another language thing. Tell me, when you speak english, do you translate each word in your mind?

saveyoursoul said...

(if this is posted twice, my apologies but I got booted and cannot tell if it posted)

"You can't appreciate the time it takes to kick a love I always knew was kinda wrong" [Bring Me Down] Miranda Lambert

Once again I can entirely relate to what you're saying here. It's like you read my mind quite often. :) Just stay true to your heart love. You can't always control where it goes, but you can steer.

João said...

I feel like screaming too...

Gostei dos teus textos, acho que me identifico com eles. Gostei de vir parar ao teu blog, vou continuar a passar por aqui para ir lendo os teus 'unleashed thoughts'


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