21 January, 2009

Today (funny how when it comes to me... everything starts with a "Today") I took yet another step. Therefore I decided that, from now on, as far as possible... I'll say everything that has to be said.
It may seem a baby step to you... but for me? It's a giant leap.

So, the following is dedicated to many:

You read my mind, I feel a lot more complete and a better person thanks to you. Wierdly, 'cause probably you guys won't feel the same, I see us as a group, a tight net of survivors, of women who know differents aspects of life. I thank you (Katie, Jb, Amanda...) for being me again, being bravier, being able to speak without feeling I'm alone;

Em português para que não tenhas que "sacar" do dicionário... e mesmo que só leias daqui por uma semana, não Fénix, não me esqueço de 6ª... Mas mais... tu acordaste o meu lado "semi solar" (porque não o tenho completo) com o qual já tinha perdido contacto. Quase me fazes gostar de chocolates e tudo, aceitar beijos roubados... ai Ladies Man... ainda tenho que descobrir o que queres de mim (ao dedicar-te um parágrafo ganhei pontos?! Passei alguma concorrente à frente?... é que não deixo de ser competitiva...) ;

Hélio, for you... I'm back to the good ol' English. What can I say that hasn't been said in our parallel universe?... Everything and nothing... but I just had to include you here. You're the response I unawarely asked for yesterday... and everything must have a sequence, right? So you're it, and you deserve beeing here... right next to my Heart, right next to the post that started all... ;) ;

O resto, homem completo, já tu vais sabendo. Como se pudesse mostrar mais ainda... que tu não tenhas visto já? Faz tuas as tuas palavras, vive, devora... mas não precisas procurar porque já encontraste. Agora, aceita, luta!... sem medos. Porque mesmo que tenha um fim, alone you'll be no more.
É de pessoa mázinha, mas gosto de te ver bailar na corda bamba... porque enquanto oscilas, posso sonhar...
Mas não receies, a mim não... porque amiga e alma, sempre. Primeiro!

Funny, this thing of speaking our mind out... feels great! =)

7 thoughts unleashed:

Otário said...

sim senhora... confessa lá os teus pecados já que estás numa onda de agradecimentos...

izzie said...

Se pedires com jeitinho até confesso ;)
Mas otário... só um pequeno detalhe... realmente estou numa de agradecimentos... que é... digamos... assim ao de leve... de repente... um bocadinho diferente =)***

jb said...

No...thanks is needed izzie....it's I that thanks you, for stepping out of the dark into the light that we have been able to give you.

Sometimes, it's from the strangest places that we find ourselves getting the hugs, the understanding, and the respect that we can't find in this strange,lost ,and unfeeling world. Katie said to me don't loose hope in humanity and I haven't thanks to you, katie, Indy, Jerry, Gran, Dad of two, ken, trinity,Lux meow...amanda grace and her sister and that's just to name a few.

izzie be free be you and it will all come back to you. Treat people how you'd want to be treated and trust me my friend it will come back to you two fold and even if it dosen't who cares at least at night you can sleep.

Lots of Huggs

izzie said...

Yet again Jb you amaze me...
January, the new year, the new job... the new way I started to see life... can be strange to others... but it is slowly saving me and bringing me back!
So... let all the others call it strange... as long as we're happy and safe and well, right?
And you all are a part of it!
For your last paragraph I can see you believe in Karma or some sort of entity like that... although I don't love or thank or trust expecting exactly the same... but just because I want to and I feel it... the idea of being "rewarded" is nice... and the least you meantion (a good night sleep) is great enough...

Lots of Love

Hélio said...

Paralel Universe?... No, it's OUR Universe... and it's so tangible, so close to touch... and please, DO say everything that comes to your mind, soul, heart... honestly, no fears or tears... :)
A kiss... :)

izzie said...

So be it!
It's OURs... I know, now.
And no... you can rest asure that I'm telling you everything... with no hold backs. You've deserved it.
Welcome back and have a good reading there... ;)

Salto-Alto said...

Isso de a partir de agora dizeres sempre o que sentes devia ser uma promessa. Não imaginas o bem que faz!

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