07 January, 2009

Last Sunday I realised something... that I'm in the middle of a "I don't want/need" phase.
Not like "I'm-a-brat-I'm-spoiled" kind of way, but in a "I'm no longer motivated" way. Hence, I don't need or want stuff... Call it depression, maybe you're right.
Not even working "tastes" the same. I no longer expect to find a light at the end of the tunnel. I live for the sake of it.
I thought a change of life would do it... I'm going through one, on the step to start another... but I just feel empty. I go through them because it is time to do so.
When will I wake up from the numb feeling?
I used to think that I wasn't lost, I just was undiscovered... now? You tell me...

4 thoughts unleashed:

jb said...

Awwwwww! Is that your cat? What a beauty!


katieleigh said...

Is english your first language or second? You're a virgo, virgo's are always cynical about life. Take it by the throat, because life is what you make of it, if you want to be happy you have to obtain what will help you achieve happiness :)

jb said...

I just wanted to add, that your not alone out there. You will wake up one day from this I promise.

I have days, where all I want to do is hide under my covers but then I think, you can run but you can't hide.

I will have to eventually rise, above it all and deal. I know it dosen't make it any easier but your not alone.

Take Care

Fatucha said...

Pois...entrar em depressões está fora de questão...não o faças! mudanças na vida é o q sempre esperamos para ver se de repente a vida fica mais interessante, mas se nós não nos sentimos interessantes com nós mmas...dificilmente chegarás ao que procuras.

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