09 January, 2009

Were the last 19 months a lie? Did I cry and blamed God for a lie?
If I do call you and you pick up the phone... will you know it's me on the other side of the line? Why did you choose to escape that way? Can you imagine the pain I felt, I went through? How alone and guilty I felt? Do you know the relevance you have had in my life?
I'm happy... if it's true that you're there. Happy that you got a life, happy 'cause you're happy. But oh so miserable 'cause you chose to lie your life out of a perfectly good friendship.
Right now?... I don't know if I will have the guts to call you... what will I say to clean up this mess. How my voice will sound... how you'll react. But I just know. That I'll have to do it. For the sake of my mental sanity.
The funny (well not that funny...) thing is that how could the guy that made me believe the most in myself pull a stunt like this?
Part of me just wants to know the answer... the other just wants to yell at you.

1 thoughts unleashed:

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Some questions can not be answered.

It hurts to question. It kills to answer.


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