13 January, 2009

No, not the magazine... the real breathing ones, maybe there's one of those right next to you.
They come and go, fast or slow into your life. They leave something of theirs on you, for better or worse.
There's those you love, or hate or those who end up leadind into either of the ways. Then there are those who just surprise you. Making you laugh, cry, think, cheer or just snooze. With some of them time flies with others it just lasts forever, when all you wish is to run the hell out of there...
Because of them... becuase of their actions and what they made of me... today I'm drifted. Do I control my Fate or is Life (with all things inplied) a nice little tidy (or NOT!) twist of Destiny?
I hate it when I start comtemplating everything and anything... today I just don't want to think.

And the caption of this is: Changing your thoughts can change your emotions.
(Oh irony, irony... migrate to someone else's life...)

2 thoughts unleashed:

poeta_poente said...

Eu não consigo, por mais que pense nisto ou naquilo, no que devia ser ou fazer ou seguir ou até deixar, mudar o que sinto...


poeta_poente said...

Eu passo com muita frequência por aqui, e gosto muito do que escreves. Eu não tenho muito jeito para comentar, mas acredita que te leio e a tua mensagem passa :)


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