26 March, 2009

Latelly I've been thinking
That I don't feel like I used to do
I'm trying to keep my two feet on the ground.

Constantly sorrounded
Everywhere I turn I'm haunted,
People stop and stareAnd look me up and down. [...]

These are the first lines of a song that read my mind from the first time I "layed my ears on it" (LOL to myself!). The band isn't great, the style isn't the best... but it does take me back to my teenage years... it does expose my mind.

This all being said to let you guys know that the music playlist thingy is refreshed... and the funny thing is that the "new adds" are, in fact, quite "oldies" for me... right now... I'm in a mental voyage through time as they remind me of my past... but couldn't be more actual right now.

Enjoy! =)

8 thoughts unleashed:

Anonymous said...

There are many strange things on my iPod, one of which I listened to on my way to collect Monkey from nursery today..
...I'll have to say that music for me also has to fit in with the mood... ...so today it was drizzling with rain. And I got to Screaming Trees on my iPod.. ...an album I probably haven't listened to since I was about 17 and a serious grunge chick. But I yanked up the volume full blast, and walked along in the drizzling rain listening to "Nearly Lost You" and I swear.... ...I could have been 17 again!

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment, but it didn't let me...............!

katieleigh said...

I like that you said LOL at yourself, it reminds me of how level headed you are. Being 'grounded' is a very important thing in this life. I enjoy surrounding myself with modesty


izzie said...

Anna: Blogger let you ;)
Exactly... it is what these songs do for me... the remind me of being 16.. of being in college... and they still feel truthful!

Katie: oooh hun! Thanks... we do recognize ourselves fellow Vigos!
I too love to feel my feet gorunded... able to ear and watch life and the world... so that we can feel it and live it... outside the clouds!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

I get impatient if I hear no new good music, every few days.


Ianita said...


As viagens são muito importantes. Temos de nos preparar para elas. Levar a mala certa. A roupa apropriada. Os sapatos a dar com a roupa toda. Não esquecer o necessaire com todas as mil e uma coisas que as gajas precisam. Numa mala há que nunca esquecer um bikini e um agasalho, basicamente porque, seja Verão ou seja Inverno, nunca sabemos o que vai acontecer.

Faz a tua viagem com calma. E vais ver que regressas uma nova Izzie.


jb said...

Awesome new palylist izzie...lololol at yourself so funny it made me giggle. You should here what I got loaded on my ipod fromthe 80's some wicked killer music. Izzie I couldn't live without music,books, movies or art. I really liked this post, it just hit the spot. Oh by the way thanks for the movie title. I responded to you on my blog.


izzie said...

Lips: yeah! The exact same thing happens here! :)

Ianita: Exactamente! Disseste tudo... e sabes que para mim, muitas vezes a música faz esse trabalho...
As minhas viagens não têm ritmo, nem calendário... porque me surpreendem sempre. Mas uma coisa te digo... a Izzie já é um pouco mais única, isso te garanto! ;)

JB: Thanks hun!
That's what I feel about life too! :)
Going right now to your blog so that I can see! ;)

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