19 March, 2009

No... I'm not lusting out my ever so craving love for any sort of related "berries" desert...
And putting aside the fact that I've seen this movie for quite some weeks now... I'm in the mood to talk about one little thing in it.

No... not Jude Law at is best, with the accent and the perfect "fall head over heels for me" story. Not Norah and the fact that she is incredibly cute in it or the fact that I kindda see myself in her.

I'm going to talk about the (not so) philosofical last line in it.

Elizabeth: It took me nearly a year to get here. It wasn't so hard to cross that street after all, it all depends on who's waiting for you on the other side.

Now... I love the movie - apart all the personnal relevance it has - and the moment I heard this I thought: "Aaawwww!"
But then I got thinking about what she said... and it all felt so basic, so trivial. After I overcame the "shock" of it being so "normal"... I thought "what's wrong with normal?"
In the end... this line runs over its intial purpose: being romantic.
And ends up being felt, truthful.
And that makes me smile.

5 thoughts unleashed:

João said...

Ando para ver este filme há imenso tempo e nunca mais o vi, ver se é brevemente. Agora fiquei mais curioso ;)

Acho que é bom ser normal, mas também é bom ser diferente. Acho que se a frase te faz sorrir, então é boa o suficiente para que a consideres diferentemente normal ou normalmente diferente...

E já agora, sempre me perguntei quem é que estará à minha espera do outro lado da rua. Acho que mesmo que demore um ano, ou mais, quando se chega lá compensa todo o tempo.


Otário said...

o fim sempre à espreita... hum...
bom fds !


izzie said...

João: Lá está... espero ter espicaçado a curiosidade ;)
E no final acabaste por me tirar as palavras da boca :)

Otário: É o fim, finzinho mesmo... por isso, toca a ver o resto do filme xD

jb said...

Izzie what movie is this? Can you tell me about it? Did I miss a movie with Jude Law really? Izzie get me into the loop of things ok. Please post the answer in my blog so i can see it too.


izzie said...

Done darling... I hope it helped and got you curious... if not... e-mail me! ;)

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