06 March, 2009

I came up with this idea after reading it over at JB's blog (a great one by the way, if you never checked it, just go ahead and DO IT! NOW!!!).
So I'll reveal 25 things about myself. I'll try to be clear about it, objective... but feel free to comment.
[note that the crossing railrods may mean the confusion implied on the answers... after this... you're on your own... LOOOOL]

1. I love snacking in bed soooooooo much... I turn envious about it. I may, or may not (LOOOL), have slipped food into my room unknowned so I didn't have to share;

2. I enjoy an "occasional" scary movie. And yes, I've studied "Scream 2" to the core, it still amazes me and I'll watch it for the 15th time if you let me;

3. I am a total and complete beephobic person! I can't ear a buzzing I instantly start hiperventilating;

4. I hate secrets and whispering. Call me paranoid but I always think it's about me;

5. I'm a big big big gossiper. I love juicy details and info, buuuuuuuuuuut I usually don't share it with "innapropiate" people - at least not until the timing is right ;);

6. I've shoplfted for 3 times now... and never got caught. People say it's my "Miss goodie tissue" side working out for me;

7. I loooove wafles and pancankes... they are one of the only things I could eat forever;

8. Against all odds I know I can climb, jump off walls and bare freezing waters... Long story, even bigger night;

9. I hate people that interrupt in the middle of a conversation. Although I end up doing the same to others, my bad!

10. I give in too easially when I love/adore/admire someone... it is against my nature and my personality, but it happens;

11. I’d love to be blog of note, but seeing as there are God-only-knows how many blogs out there, I think my chances are slimmer than slim to none. ( I had to quote here JB, sorry)

12. 27th February 2009 changed my life. I reborned that afternoon. And I never thought it would be so easy. Life is a lot more light and easy to bare now;

13. I'm starting to loooooove the number 13...

14. I think one of my best friends payed out a guy to flirt one night... but I guess I'll never know the truth... she can't remember that night clearly... :|

15. I have an "addiction" on "Shawn the sheep". I know, I know... shame on me!

16. I don’t like the colour orange.

17. Most of my winter wardrobe is brown... and I don't even love the colour that much.

18. I can't sleep naked or without any type of bedwear covering me;

19. I don't like to sleep in public places;

20. I loooooove to throw bday parties or friends dinner parties. All the planning, the smiles on peoples faces... I loooove it!

21. I'm very very shy. But I loved being on national Tv;

22. I have the secret dream of controlling time... yeah, I daydream too much;

23. I miss Lars and ranting/bitching on the world like we did. And as much as I look for someone else to do it with... it doesn't "taste" the same;

24. I'm much more drawn into commitment than I thought I'd be.

25. Blogging feeds my soul and my ego (I know silly me)and what started as an impulse is now a part of me, and I don't regret it!

so now people... do the same! But before... share the impact of my revelations with me ;)

7 thoughts unleashed:

Emanuel said...

3) algo em comum. mas no meu caso tem mais a ver com melgas. n posso, nao suporto e quando as consigo matar sinto-me como um heroi. LOl
4) tb nao gosto a n ser que tb os saiba. LOL
7) waffles com gelado de morango ou com morangos e chantily yumi yumi!!!
12)mais uma coisa em comum...
18) guess? um aspecto em comum nem que sue como um porco na cama mas s n tiver algo a cobrir m esquece é pa na dormir.
19) tb n. mas as vezes é inevitavel e dps quem tiver atento diverte-se cmg. LOLOL.

Concluindo...com tanta coisa em comum eu so kero é pedir em casamento nem k seja so um de las vegas. aceitas? ja tenho o anel!!! LOL

jb said...

izzie..thanks for the nice words again. I've been around but so busy. I am going to read your 25 things and come back and post my thoughts but I wanted to say hi first ok. I hope your well sweet izzie.


Miuda Do Armário said...

"3. I am a total and complete beephobic person! I can't ear a buzzing I instantly start hiperventilating;"

e eu também. entro logo em panico eheh =D

Tita said...

that's why i just love u so much!!!

miss u :)

big big kiss

João said...

Well...I totally love snacking in bed too :p And yes, it's a shame that you don't share! Lol.

13 sounds like a great number, especially when it's on a Friday. But I don't know why, I prefer the number 3.

It is a great post for us to get to know more about you!~

Take care ;)

katieleigh said...

I loved reading this and omg, I'm a total beeaphobic too. The other day when I was at lunch a wasp was hanging around my table and my coworkers were sitting there and I was standing about 5 meters away hyperventilating :p

Glad I'm not alone with this

izzie said...

Emanuel: E pensas q não sabia isso tudo já?
Afinal já contamos 10 anos...
Quanto ao pedido, que adorei... lembra-te eu pedi primeiro... LOOOOOOOOOL
Mas percebo o teu machismo no caso... já sei q já adormeceste à espera... mas eu vou só ali falar com quem está à tua frente na fila de espera e dps dou te uma resposta, okis? ;)

JB: Awww hun! That's ok... I'll be around :)

Miúda: You have been missed! :)
Bem vinda ao clube... como vês, não somos poucos... vamos fazer um abaixo assinado para a exterminação? ;)

Tita: Minha Tuneira que agora adoro ainda mais!
Saudades tuas... já são um mal tão grande q olha... nem falo nisso...
Agora olha, espero convites pa loucura, pa o amor ;)

João: a honra, o orgulho da presença de sua Ex.... LOOL
Agora a sério é sempre boa a tua visita...
There you have.. you got the general feeling on this... and it is lovely and liberating doing such a post too

Katie: Sweety... thanks for dropping by.
I've missed your view on things.
We fellow Virgos also share that?
Girl, everytime I'm more and more conviced I'd looooove to be around you =)

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