07 April, 2009

I love it how it can be so easy to make me smile, laugh or cry. It reminds me I still have feelings, that I still can feel.
It is amazing how you keep on showing me, even before, that it is okay to be feeling this, to have this nature. That I, that something good will come out from all of this. That it can happen again (I never really doubt it... I just doubt myself), not the same way, but it can.
I've just choosen to escape a place of pure bliss and by doing that I went your way. As usual, you are trying to show me my way (I "only" have to accept it) and by doing so you made me cry. Happy tears, that kind of tears that reminds me that I'm not alone, that I'm understood; that even if back to fear, that even if on the verge of meeting my monsters... it's okay to feel this, it's okay to be me.

Thank you.

6 thoughts unleashed:

Fatucha said...

saber lidar com os nossos proprios medos é um passo mto importante...q bom q houve alg q te tenha ajudade nesse sentido, chorar por emoção de uma conquista q fizeste é bom tb. bjs

Lita said...

Está sempre bem seres tu mesma, minha querida! Sempre!!!!

Ianita said...

Pois está claro....


Otário said...


Visita e participa!
Novo modelo, novas reflexões.

Conto contigo!

Lateral Larynx said...

I don't know who or what your monsters are but I'm sure you will come on top. Good luck!. Might be meeting some of my own today.

izzie said...

Fatucha: é... foi um "encontro" óptimo... de inesperado! E ajudu-me a "ver" umas quantas coisas :)

Lita: Pois... sei que não me devo afastar da essência.
Mas às vezes assusta... you know what I mean...

Ianita: Isto é resultado de andar a falar com umas certas raparigas bebedoras de ginginha... ;)

Otário: Já lá vou... :)

Lateral: Thanks!
I just hope you're right! :)
Good luck on your confrontations then...
Love your "little corner" by the way.

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