04 April, 2009

I can only hope these feelings, these thoughts don't stay long inside my mind. Or they'll polute all the rest. And I don't want that.
One day... I'll publish the song that made me sense the future while on the road [Why do I always have epiphanies when I'm on tour, on the verge to change my world?]. But for now... someone remind me of this.

Eu não disse que adorava a sensação? Enjoy...

E sim... também é música ao Sábado, Sr.ª D. Lita ;)

6 thoughts unleashed:

Lita said...

Olá, querida!
Acho óptimo música ao sábado!!!! :)
Um excelente fim de semana e um beijinho!

Salto-Alto said...

A música é muito gira| :)

Ianita said...


saveyoursoul said...

i hate that feeling. like its dye that seeps into the clear water, contaminating everything.

hope everythings okay Izzie my love.

Anonymous said...

My computer is doing weird things today and is refusing to play the clip... ...so I'll come back later!


izzie said...

Lita: Por isso mesmo me lembrei do "pormenor" :)
Que aproveites muito este restinho de dia de descanço :)

Salto: É não é? Dá energia e força pa acreditar :)

Ianita: Isto entre nós é só música ;)

Amanda: Exactly Hun! You took the words out of my mouth :)
I'm doing so-so... hope you're better, my love.

Anna: Your computer doesn't like my blog... :(
Try to come back, 'cause although it is in portuguese it is worth it! :)

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