10 April, 2009

I love it when Life throws me off guard!
And tonight has been one of those nights. Even in the middle of all of this I have been realizing that:
- I can still laugh my heart out,
- smile in "awww!",
- feel my heart racing for a stupid little reason (or no reason at all!),
- read myself in others,
- receive kindess from someone I was afraid of (even though I'd love to tell her some little secrets...).

To sum up... when my mind, body and soul allow... I can still dream something more.
I can even see myself picking myself up... =)

Thank you... after today I was in need of that.

EDIT: After all I can still survive after college and HTML classes. Praise the Lord and some Engeneers I had to mingle with... in the end, I'm not that hollow. Let's see if the translation thingy works better now... and please, oh please! do tell me what's the other "wrong " there?... I don't wanna look bad in front of my fans... LOOOL

8 thoughts unleashed:

Ianita said...

Ainda bem... ainda bem que, muitas vezes, a pessoa que mais surpreendemos somos nós mesmas :)

No limits :)

sonhos/pesadelos said...

let me refrase this...how can i say this? hum...
not a nice blogue sweet...
an awsome blog!
don't let nothing take your smile away...its free!!!!
bjs endiabrados

katieleigh said...

if you're a pro in HTML maybe you can help me with my layout? Haha I've spent two night trying to perfect it but there are some things in the code that just baffle me ;)

You may borrow my bracelet, shall I send it in the mail? Haha, it's a Pandora bracelet. Not sure if you have the brand there but they're charm bracelets :)

Lita said...

Nós conseguimos tudo. Por vezes, simplesmente não acreditamos nisso. ;)

Skywalker said...

Noites boas quando nos descobrimos.


sonhos/pesadelos said...

hollow?never say that!!! one of the good things that few human beings posess is the ability to laugh even when clouds hide the sun from their hearts...keep on smiling Izzie, it feeds your soul and it's free...
bjs endibrados

allways a pleasure to reveive your visit in my blog!!!!

Ninja! said...

Well, can't really complain then! Seeing the good side of everything ain't easy, but pays off! :P

izzie said...

Anita: Exactamente... como deves perceber volta e meia... aqui a montanha-russa resulta mesmo em aprendizagem e conhecimento! :)
E sim... os limites e limitações esbatem-se.

Sonhos/pesadelos: Awww you're too kind!
I've been fighting myself and others so that the smile, I'm so known for, doesn't fade away. Somedays, like yesterday, make it easier. And of course, people like you coming my way :)
Thank you oh so very much for everything... something tells me we'll be seeing each other loads more often.

Katie: No, God! I'm not a pro... I manage around if and when someone tells me what's wrong. LOOOL
About your blog... I love it... what's going wrong, hun?
Oooh it's a Pandore Bracelet? We have those too here... they're gorgeous... but a bit pricy... maybe the mail is cheaper? ;)

Lita: Aí está o segredo. E a força que por vezes sabes que (me) falta. Acreditar...
Mas há pessoas e dias, momentos que o tornam mais fácil. Tu sabes...
Abraço forte,

Sky: Ora nem mais. Há melhor sensação de liberdade do que "perder-nos" dentro de nós próprios? ;)

Ninja!: Ora seja muito bem-vindo!
Sim, porque este blogue teme as katanadas... LOOOL
Yeah... after that moment of enlightment I can't really complain, at least not as much as I was doing :p
It isn't easy... and Life is taking care of showing me exactly that! But even if for just a few moments... it does pay off!
Com uma vénia reverendissíma espero que passe por aqui Sr. Ninja, mesmo que "incognito"...

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